What is WordPress?

WordPress is considered the most well–known blogging tool on the internet, employed by an enormous number of sites visited by millions of individuals every single day. It is an open–source project with many volunteers enhancing it all over the world. Gradually, WordPress has grown from a modest blog setup application into an all–out content management software for building all sorts of websites.

This top notch app gives you an entire site setup platform that you can personalize for your distinctive demands with simply a few clicks. A large number of widgets and plugins broaden its functionality to the degree that it could be used for virtually every sort of site – from a dog’s homepage to a substantial organization website. And it is free – there’s no obligation to pay any individual a license fee.

WordPress is a trademark of the WordPress Foundation and is not connected with PK DOMAIN HOST.

WordPress–Optimized Hosting Services with a Point–and–Click Control Panel

Using our WordPress–optimized Linux cloud web hosting solutions, you will have your own private or organization WordPress site published on the web with a simple click. All you need to do is pick WordPress from the app installation drop–down menu and once we build your Linux cloud web hosting account, we’ll include WordPress for you. That way, you’ll be ready to start working on your site right after the signup procedure has been completed and you won’t have to deal with any tech configuration settings.

PK DOMAIN HOST’s WordPress–optimized Linux cloud web hosting plans feature a drag–and–drop File Manager where your WordPress files will be placed, a Database Manager for your databases, as well as an all–inclusive E Mail Account Manager where you can manage your email messages with a click of the mouse.

Free WordPress Themes

With every single WordPress–optimized Linux cloud web hosting plan, you will get access to a large number of zero cost WordPress themes, offered right within our Hosting Control Panel.

Each of our WordPress templates is completely free for you to work with and to tweak in any way you need. You’re going to be able to rather quickly add every one of them in your WordPress installation and convert your web site into a portfolio, a small business web site, a beauty salon homepage, etc.