A domain name is an easy-to-use and distinctive website address which you can acquire for your site. It designates a numeric IP address that is applied to distinguish web sites as well as units on the Web yet it's quite easy to remember or distribute. Each domain consists of 2 parts - the specific name that you select plus the extension. For instance, in domain.com, “domain” is called Second-Level Domain and it's the element you can pick, and “.com” is the extension, which is called Top-Level Domain (TLD). You can obtain a brand new domain via any licensed registrar organization or move an existing one between registrars if the extension supports this option. This type of a transfer doesn't change the possession of your domain; the one thing that changes is where you'll be able to manage the domain. Most of the domain name extensions are open for registration by any entity, however numerous country-code extensions have specific prerequisites like local presence or a valid company registration.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Cloud Web Hosting

In case you obtain your cloud web hosting account through our company, you can register domains with more than 50 generic and country-code extensions, for instance .com, .net, .me, .pro, .tv, .co.uk and numerous others. For some of the aforementioned we are an accredited registrar, while for many others we partner with several of the biggest registrars available, which means that we will provide you with nearly split-second registration and domain control services. In case you already have a domain name with a different provider, you'll be able to easily transfer it over and control it together with your shared web hosting plan using our all-in-one Hepsia Control Panel. You'll enjoy total control over your domain names at any time and you shall be able to renew them, create customized domain records, create Privacy Protection and a lot more.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Semi-dedicated Servers

With our semi-dedicated server solutions, you'll be able to register as many domain names as you would like and manage them from one place together with your hosting account using our multi-purpose Hepsia Control Panel. You're able to pick from over 50 generic and country-specific extensions and considering the fact that a lot of them have specific conditions to be registered, we will assist you from the minute of your order up till the moment the domain names go live on the Web. In case you have domain names from another provider and you want to host them here, you might as well transfer them here because it will be more convenient to control everything from one account compared to browsing through various systems. We work with an ICANN-certified registrar, therefore we're able to offer you very quick registration services as well as plenty of enhanced domain management options.

Domain Registration/Transfer in VPS Servers

If you'd like to have a new domain name for your web site, you can order it together with your new Virtual Private Server. If you wish to obtain a few additional domain names at a later time, you are able to register them in bulk through the billing Control Panel and they will be active within minutes because we partner with an ICANN-accredited registrar, so that we can offer you instant registrations and excellent administration services. With more than 50 extensions to pick from, you'll be able to get the best domain name for your web site depending on the function of your site and its target country. We offer both country-code and generic TLDs, so in case you are a professional, for example, you'll be able to buy a .PRO domain, or in case you would like to reach the German market, you are able to register a .DE domain. When you already have a domain from some other registrar, you're able to transfer it and control it along with your Linux VPS server.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Dedicated Servers

Along with your dedicated server, you will be able to register as many domain names as you'd like and manage them through your server’s payment Control Panel. We offer tens of country-code and generic TLDs that you'll be able to choose from, so you can register the perfect domain names according to the character of your sites as well as the countries or regions that you want to targeted. We are a certified registrar for many TLDs, while for some other extensions we work with some of the largest registrars out there. This allows us to offer you competitive rates, quick registrations and superb management solutions. You can also move your existing domains and control them in a single place with your dedicated server. We will renew them once your transfer process has been completed.